Friday, 3 June 2011

Brian Tracy still ROCKS!

I came across this picture yesterday and though I would share...

My first introduction to Brian Tracy was back in 2003 at my first real estate convention. I was a freshly licensed Realtor with no clue but lots of enthusiasm to sell! A colleague of mine gave me a personal introduction to Brian Tracy telling me the man was pure gold. Little did I know, Brian Tracy was about to change my world. The next hour was spent learning about the power of goals. My world was ROCKED, I became a dedicated "Brian Tracy" groupie. Even today, I load his valuable goal setting, millionaire, science, luck, swallow a frog gospel on my iPod; it keeps me in the direction of my goals, a teaching I am very thankful for. I highly recommend adding him to your personal guru library. I take the opportunity whenever possible to listen to him speak.